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About Me:
I seek God within, the Reality where All Love, Peace, Creativity, Health, Happiness, Joy, Compassion, Generosity & Wisdom Always reside. I pledge my Faith and Trust to the Holy Mother of Heavenly Bliss, Amritanandamaya, aka AMMA. On this 49 year path of self-realization, referred to on my site as Greg Chako - "Questing Soul", I have had many kinds of jobs and been involved in many kinds of activities, including being: an egg-packer, a construction-site painter, a successful industrial Real-Estate Broker, a door-to-door salesman, an illegal drug user and salesman, a restaurant-bar dishwasher/gopher, a real Chef, a Business English teacher, a music teacher, a neighborhood activist, a counselor, a promoter/organizer, an entertainment agent, Managing Director of my own Entertainment company, a catering cook, a hauler of bricks and rocks, a musician, band leader, composer, and recording artist, among other things. I defy labels, categories, and limitations.

I Love:
Creativity, Awareness and Unity. Connecting, Organizing and Marketing. Conversation, writing, healthy debate and Humor!
I love All Animals and Nature, especially my Golden Retriever JoJo, the Sea and its inhabitants, Land and Plants. I love Good Food, Wine, Beer, and Sake.
I love Movies and Show Business, and of course, girls in uniforms and Gossip!

I Hate:
Bureaucracy, waiting in long lines for unimportant things, unruly crowds, bad/uninteresting music, pointless rules, ketchup on anything except french fries, not knowing why.

I`d like to meet:
Anybody who is dead.

The Self, People, Scuba Diving, Reading, Science and Discovery, Medical/Psychological Sciences, Philosophy, Cooking and Food
The Fine Arts, The Martial Arts, Fashion, Design, Style, Spirituality, Yoga, Meditation, Business, Writing, Politics & Gossip.

Making it. Sharing it. Loving it.

Favorite Book:
Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

Favorite TV show:
Prison Break

Truths few people know about me:
I sleep in the nude.
I like to clean the house and throw out garbage.
I`m constantly horny.

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