The most important thing in my life as an artist is to move people in some way. I want to touch their hearts so that they feel or experience something new and positive. It's not so important what their reaction is, as long as there is one, because I believe indifference, rather than hate, is the opposite of love.

Sometimes I simply play for myself, because the Music creates positive change, transforming a bad mood into good, or a busy, distracted mind into a quiet, reflective one. It's a great way to express emotion, and the primary vehicle for my creative energies. Music is a healing force in my life.

As for my own guitar playing, what's most important is to develop my own voice or "sound". That is what sets one apart from the rest, making one identifyable in a crowd of many. What's also important to me is that I play with feeling, and can convey well that emotion to the listener.

I believe all creative people can attempt to express only what they truly are at a given moment. That's why it's important for an artist to develop the relationship with their own inner Self, for as they evolve as a person, so shall their artistic expression evolve and grow. I think that as I mature and integrate my personality, my guitar playing will reflect that growth.

My talent in music is, like life itself, none other than a gift to be cultivated and shared. In this respect, making music is one way for me to be of service to others, "giving back" so to speak, the gifts I have received.

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