Music Video with Short Documentary

The documentary film An American Cat in the Lion City is a short gaze, a palimpsest, into the life and work of the American jazz guitarist, Greg Chako.

In the film we experience swinging acoustic jazz of a very high calibre indeed, the jazz that Greg and his various bands have played in Asia for over six years.

Greg's journey to Asia and around Asia has been fraught with personal tribulations as well as triumphs. And often his only solace has been his passion to spread the gospel of jazz.

In many ways his journey is an inward one; a journey of spiritual renewal which has led to the genesis of a new jazz style and a new jazzman.

We hear about this impassioned journey through Greg's own quiet narrative. His words are framed by scenes of Singapore.

A longer version of the documentary which runs for 47 mins is also available.

Nature of Film:

- Part 1(Music Video 4.5 min)

- Part 2 (Short Documentary 11.5 min)

Total Running Time:
16 mins
Digital Video Tape/BETA, VHS Pal, VHS NTSC
Mixed (primarily interview- driven & cinema verite)
Production Dates:
June 97 to Feb 98
Post- Production:
Feb to April 98
Director/ Producer:
Iqbal Barkat 20/363 New Canterbury Rd Dulwich Hill, NSW 2203 Tel: (612) 95683674 email: iqbal@sydney.net
Director of Photography/ Producer:
Vincent Tay 466 Siglap Road #01-01Singapore 455942 Tel: (65) 4458037 email: vincetay@pacific.net.sg
Lili Teh Prometheus Sound Arts 1G Paya Lebar Road Singapore Tel: 7437933
Lyra Beins Post Production Shop Pte Ltd 1G Paya Lebar Road Singapore Tel: 7437933
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