sudden impact - greg chako
  nancy (with the smiling face) - van heusen
  sussy's song - greg chako
  you don't know what love is - raye/de paul
  fried curry pies - greg chako
  everything happens to me - denis
  jones'in - greg chako
  people - styne
  i remember you - schertzinger/mercer
  morning - fischer
  gone with the wind - wrubel
"...old standbys get spiced up with latin rhythmns, experiencing a sudden ubiquity and fresh sound... The originals have a contemporary sound, colored with understated funk and backbeats, and girded with interesting structures... He uses his thumb to execute winningly lyrical lines made up of pillow-like notes... well worth exploring." - Cadence Magazine, USA

"...just warm, sensitive uncluttered lines that make for excellent rewinding... most of the tracks are upbeat, exceptional ones being Jones'in and Fried Curry Pies, both Chako originals... The jewel to Sudden Impact's crown, however, is Chako's re-read of the pop classic, People. The band rides the tide of the haunting melody mostly but still manages elegant probing by surging midway through the song... Like tai chi masters, Chako et al prove ag Xain that beauty lies in control and grace, not excess and discord. " - Big O Magazine, Singapore

"If you like warm, mellow guitar with gently flowing lines and occasional bursts of lush chords, you'll like this. Greg favors the use of his thumb to produce the rich sound he achieves... neatly pulsating lines, melodic, swinging and inventive. The music swings compulsively at all times... the leader's exotic sound and constantly inventive lines, the mainstream appeal of familiar material being given a refreshing twist, and a driving rhythmn section. Those qualities should be enough to suit most tastes." - Jazz Journal, England

"...this talented guitarist is famed for his impressive playing style which is based around the use of his thumb. The covers are first class and will have you drifting off to another world. For the original material, listen G out for Fried Curry Pies, and Jones'in, both of which are quite excellent." - BC Magazine, Hong Kong

"...well done and great listening... Greg has tremendous chops, but doesn't try to overwhelm you with his technique. Instead he plays straight ahead with intelligence and style." - Cincinnati Jazz Guitar Society, USA

"But in the end it's Chako's playing which shines through. The use of the thumb gives that fat, mellow sound beloved of most mainstream enthusiasts. Couple that to some sensitve, melodic and lyrical playing and what we have here is a fine CD that should only enhance Greg's growing reputation. A step upwards and onwards and definately worth an audition!" - String Jazz, U.K.

"Enthusiasts will enjoy this album... relaxed groove, lovely trio settings, unusually bright post bebop style... and octaves are all handled Hauthoritatively... a wonderful showcase for Chako." - Just Jazz Guitar, USA

"This disc is so well done... Guitarist Chako plays with crystal-clear style, and every note seems to bounce off his strings and into your ears... a fine effort. " - I-S Magazine, Singapore

"It's sometimes easy to forget what a wealth of musicianship we have on this island. Guitarist Greg Chako has managed to expose o bit more of that... refreshing..." - Etc. Magazine, Singapore

"Sudden Impact is a nicely balanced mix of standards and originals. His electric guitar seems most at home at languid or mid-tempos, although he can stoke the fires of faster numbers with deft chordings. Everyone plays solidly, with mutual understanding and respect. As a result, the CD conveys the feel of a long, satisfying set in a jazz club." - The Straits Times

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