Greetings and welcome to my January/February newsletter.

Happy New Year!
We live in exciting times, don`t we?

As I look back on last year, I see that I accomplished a lot.
I recorded two new CDs, went Chartbound on USA radio as an Independent, set my sights on finishing Academic studies to teach college Stateside in the future, and maintained an active, successful playing and teaching career here in Japan.

My 9th CD is finished and in-hand now. Called "Everybody`s Got a Name", I believe it`s one of my (if not the) strongest so far. It features innovative writing along with some great covers, exciting ensemble playing, and much more guitar than previous releases. It`s formal introduction in the States will be June `08, so we may prepare an advertising campaign, and also in order to finish the promotion of "Paint a Picture, Tell a Story", my 8th CD, which has been and is still getting great reviews!
Please write to me if you want an advance copy of the new CD.

Our 1st CD release party will be at B-Flat in Akasaka on Thursday Jan. 24th. Please come and support us.
Paying customers to the show on Jan. 24th will receive a 20% discount on the new CD (discounted price 2,000\ full price 2,500\).
Members will be Hiroshi Tanaka-piano, Hasegawa Yasuhiro-bass and Taro Koyama-drums.
Here`s the info in Japanese:
開演: PM 19:30?
Live at 赤坂 "B-flat"
Phone: (03)5563-2563

After this important show, my next major public concert will be in Kannai, Yokohama on Thursday Feb. 28th at Bar Bar Bar.

Tel: 045-662-0493(6868)
Fax: 045-662-4470
The members will be an exciting new band for me: Atsushi Tuzurano-sax (baritone, soprano and tenor), Tetsuya Hiyakawa-bass, Taro Koyama-drums.

Hope to see YOU soon!